Hair Transplant Training for Physicians

Dr. Marc S. Dauer, M.D., A.B.H.R. S., is one of the most experienced physicians in North America specializing exclusively in Hair Transplantation. He has authored several medical publications and has taught dozens of physicians from around the world his personal approach to the field of Hair Transplantation.

The hair transplant training program includes:

• Courses may be 3 or 4 days in length specifically tailored to the physician’s areas of interest.

• Training takes place at Dr. Dauer’s Los Angeles clinic, though special arrangements may be made for Dr. Dauer and a nurse to travel to your office for training.

• Training courses in Dr. Dauer’s office are limited one physician and nurse at a time thus ensuring one to one training.

Topics to be covered include the initial consultation, donor strip harvesting and specialized closure, follicular unit extraction, hairline design, whirl design, eyebrow design, preparation and placement of grafts, post operative care, treating complications, difficult cases, marketing and setting up your practice.

Teaching also includes hands on training with both the Strip Harvesting Method and Follicular Unit Extraction.

Visiting physicians may bring a nurse with them to receive specialized training from Dr. Dauer’s nurses on graft preparation, dissection, placement of grafts, and pre operative and post operative care.

Each physician and nurse receives a full handout relating to all the teaching topics.

A detailed syllabus of the teaching lectures is available upon request.

Dr. Dauer provides additional assistance in setting up a new Hair Transplant clinic, including equipment purchase and supplies.

Dr. Dauer is available to assist via email or phone with follow up questions the visiting physician may have.

For more information please call 310-748-2224 or email Dr. Dauer directly at

Physicians who have completed the course are very pleased with the results.

I would describe my week of training with Dr. Dauer as full immersion. You taught the finest details regarding FUE and Strip Harvesting,and the transplanting itself is art! But there was so much more involved. Seeing you educate the patient and me with respect to the advantagesand disadvantages of all options was  invaluable. You are confident, kind, empathetic,and engaging. You do not over promise. During the days there, previous patients consistentlyreturned-thrilled with their results. Your entire staff was outstanding, and patiently demonstrated and explained to me every step and question I had. What I especially appreciated was the fact that each treatment was tailored to the patient’s specific needs, and not to the surgeon who might have only one single device or technique available. Thank you for your comprehensive training, for your friendship, and for your willingness to stay in touch. I would strongly recommend your training to any highly motivated individual.

Dr. Chris Peers
Goshen, Indiana

Dr W. from Saudi Arabia says:

“It was great being with you Dr. Dauer. I really loved your approach to the patient and your techinque for the Hair Transplant, especially for the eyebrows (perfection), and I loved the F.U.E. tool. I learned a lot about the DO‘s and DON’T‘s,  and especially how to enhance my surgery techniques in Hair transplant. You have a great team a special thanks to all of them.”

Dr. A from London says:

“Dr. Dauer gave me a complete understanding of the Hair Transplant process from beginning to end. His knowledge is extensive, and what I learned helped me to set up my Hair Transplant practice. I am forever grateful to Dr. Dauer for his time and teaching.”

Dr. S from Melbourne says

“It was great spending time in Dr. Dauer’s office and learning from him. After his course I really felt comfortable performing both the strip harvesting method and FUE and how to approach patients interested in Hair Transplantation. Dr. Dauer’s nurses are amazing and they were very helpful in training my nurse who I brought with me.”

Dr. C , Singapore

“It was a very dynamic experience, with all partipants involved in every stage of hair transplantation from start to finish. The staff were very professional and extremely efficient, especially Dr. Dauer’s nurse Laura. The wealth of information shared about techniques and equipment made it easy to start our own practice dedicated to hair replacement services.”

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